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AC on a boat

My father likes to fish, however when my sibling and I were little, my dad would love to take us out of the boat, however he would fish and my mother would sunbathe, but my sibling and I would play with our toys in the cabin while listening to music, and the only downfall of these afternoons on the boat was how tepid it would get after a few hours, on the afternoons with little to no cloud coverage, the heat would be unbearable.

My dad tried to put a fan in the cabin to help cool it down on those tepid afternoons, however it did not help.

One day, he came cabin from a yard sale with a portable air conditioner for the boat. He was so excited to test his current air conditioner that he decided to take the boat out that night for a sunset cruise. He suddenly put the portable A/C in the boat and loaded us into the truck. My buddy and I were out on the water in under an hour. My buddy and I went down our usual path and turned on the AC. The cool air suddenly filled the cabin and we knew our sweltering boat afternoons were behind us. My buddy and I used the portable A/C for numerous years before my dad decided to sell the boat. He upgraded his boat and it came with a built in air conditioner, so there was no need to keep the garage sale cooling system, however i am delighted my dad found that cooling system. It made my sibling and I have a much more enjoyable boating experience as children.
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