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Window air conditioners are all we need

I live in the northeastern part of the country.

  • We are known for our especially long and brutal winter conditions.

We frequently set records for low temperatures and snow accumulation. It’s often necessary to start up the furnace in early October and keep it running until the end of April. We’ve already had several inches of snow on both Easter and Mother’s day. The cost of heating the home is a considerable part of the budget. It’s important to seal up the house to avoid energy waste. With the same air getting re-circulated over and over, the living space becomes stuffy and dry. I am always eager for the weather to warm up. I watch for the daffodils to sprout, the lilacs to bud and the robins to arrive. It’s such a relief to finally lower the thermostat and open the windows. The spring is typically chilly, windy and wet. It takes a while for summer to eventually arrive, and the warm weather doesn’t last long. However, we can get temperatures in the upper eighties or even low nineties, and the humidity is a challenge. I am unwilling to invest in central air conditioning and worry about electric bills. Window air conditioners provide the perfect solution. For most of the year, I store them in the attic. They are compact, lightweight and easy to install into the windows of the bedrooms. Because the air conditioners operate independently, each family member can decide their ideal temperature setting. They cost very little to operate and offer the ability to adjust fan speed, airflow direction and temperature.

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