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Hiding that ugly HVAC system

A good backyard is something that most people want to have in their life.

A backyard where we can hang out, let the kids play, and entertain is something that we all dream of.

Our house has a wonderful backyard. It isn’t that big, but it is nice. The only thing that bothers me is the ugly HVAC system, The HVAC system is loud and it seems to be in the middle of the yard. I had to come up with a solution to hide the ugly HVAC system. I started doing some research and found some very creative ideas on the internet. Some people were able to hide their HVAC systems by planting flowers and bushes around the outside of the HVAC system. Another good idea I saw was that some people were building custom boxes around the HVAC system. Not only does this take away the vision of a bulky machinery in the backyard, but it can also be used to store things such as tools and outdoor tools. I decided to start this project one weekend. I knew that I would need to get my husband involved because I was not sure how to build the box. He agreed to build the storage box and I would paint it and figure out what all we could store inside. I was very excited to finally have something to hide my ugly HVAC system in the backyard. We had a party the next weekend and everyone wanted to know how they could build their own!


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