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Looking for venues for prom and thinking about proper temperature control

Being a part of the school requires me to do different things. This year I am apart of the prom committee. I am required to help with all planning and coordinating the events for the senior prom night. I think this will be fun because my prom was not that fun. I hope to make their prom the best it can be. One of the tasks was to go around and find the perfect venue for prom. There were many expectations and things we were looking for when it came to prom. We went to several different places. The first one had poor temperature control. The building was so warm. I couldn’t imagine anyone having any kind of event in here. I was sweating just being in there. I can’t imagine how the students would feel being there. They would be dancing and running around. They would really work up a sweat. If a building is going to be that warm, they probably shouldn’t rent it out at all. It did not look like they had anything going on and now I understand why. Temperature control will play a big part in this prom. Girls will be wearing long dresses and short dresses so while I want them to be cool, I also don’t want them to be really cold. The best way to control the temperature is to set the thermostat a few degrees warmer or colder than the temperature outside. This will also save you a lot of money. Make sure to keep your business or home at the right temperature or no one will want to be there.