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Air conditioning can be a true blessing for sunburn

There is sometimes nothing worse than a exhausting sunburn, when you have no air conditioning in the cabin too it can be so awful, however the heat of the rooms makes the sunburn feel even worse, then luckily, I do have air conditioning inside of my house.

The air conditioning feels so nice on my skin, but my skin often feels like it is on fire, however, the air conditioning makes it a little more tolerable, and i do not like going to my friends cabin when I have sunburn.

They do not have air conditioning. The tepid air just seeps into their home. I feel like I have to apply aloe vera a lot more than I usually would have too in the air conditioning. Then, it makes my skin feel all greasy plus nasty, air conditioning can genuinely be a blessing, plus sometimes you do not even realize it until you do not have it anymore. I did not realize how much I cherish plus rely on the air conditioning until I go to my friends cabin who does not have it. I truthfully do not know how she survives like this. I cherish feeling the cool air hit my skin. It genuinely cools me off from the tepid sun. It makes me feel nice again. Whereas separate from air conditioning I feel weary a lot more plus even uncomfortable. After being in the sun all day, there is genuinely no where to go to cool off. It is not a nice feeling separate from the air conditioning. I would certainly stay inside a lot more to avoid the tepid sun on me.

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