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The wedding I was in had terrible air conditioning until the reception

Seeing all of these weddings going on brings me back to the wedding I was in last year.

It was a fantastic wedding.

However, the air conditioning was entirely a problem. My buddy and I we’re getting ready in the church plus the air conditioning was great. Then when my pal and I entirely got to the church area, the part was super warm. I do not feel they had air conditioning for the church at all. Then, my pal and I had to rest outside plus wait for the bride plus groom. I could feel the sweat dripping down my legs, however even in the limo on the way to the reception, I could feel entirely no air conditioning at all. I felt like I majorly needed to put some more deodorant on. I thought I was going to smell genuinely exhausting by the time my pal and I had gotten there. My buddy and I also had to rest outside plus take pictures at the park for awhile. I do not feel I had wanted air conditioning so much in my entire life. All I could feel about at that point was the air conditioning for sure. Sometimes you do not realize how unbelievable the air conditioning is until you are no longer in it. When my pal and I finally arrived to the site I had pretty much ran inside. The air conditioning inside hit me good. I stood there for a whole minute plus did not move. My body was so boiling plus needed that air conditioning. I thought I was even going to pass out from the best at one point. Thank god for the reception having nice air conditioning.

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