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HVAC repair on a holiday

Although no family is perfect, it is nice to have a tradition

It is hard to believe that there are people who work in the HVAC industry on holidays. Many people will agree to work holiday hours for the extra pay. My dad is an HVAC technician and always worked on major holiday while my sister and I were young. It was rare that we celebrate holidays when the rest of our friends would. It was fine with us because we knew that because our dad was working odd hours, he would be paid more, which meant we would receive better gifts! My family always celebrates holidays they day after so that my dad could go make some extra money before the big day. We had always been an untraditional family, so it never bothered me. My sister did not approve of this holiday tradition. She would always say “people should have to wait to have their HVAC system repaired!” I agree with her now. Now that I have my own family, I would not want my husband to work on holidays. I like to have traditions and celebrate the holiday on the given day. Although no family is perfect, it is nice to have a tradition. My brother still works in the HVAC industry but he does not work on holiday like my dad did. He keeps his work hours to a minimum in order to spend time with his family. I love my family and the traditions we made growing up but the HVAC industry should never interfere with family and its traditions!

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