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Mold on my AC vents causing illness of my apartment guests

I got a bottle of peroxide & climbed a ladder up into the ductworks

I am consistently cleaning my house. I recently noticed that the air vents in my guest bathroom were truly dirty, but recently, my wonderful friend and I had some guests from out of city to stay with us. Midway through their visit, they both came down with a nasty cold. My associate and I figured the chilly was really due to lack of sleep & other factors that were travel related. They had to travel 9 hours to get here, so the jet lag & the weather difference would be enough to attribute to an illness. It was not until after they left that I noticed that there was mold growing on the inside of the air conditioner vents in the home office & bathroom where they stayed in our home. I immediately took the air conditioner vents off of the ceiling & threw them away. I found upgradement vents online & bought them. I wanted to make sure all of the mold was gone & that no more illnesses would occur as a result of this mold. I looked online & learned that the only way to get rid of mold completely is to use hydrogen peroxide & then bleach it away. I got a bottle of peroxide & climbed a ladder up into the ductworks. They were so dirty that I even needed to bring a steamer & a roll of paper towels to help get the task done. Thankfully, everything was resolved & the mold has not returned in the air vents.

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