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AC goes out on a Tuesday

One summer, as I was cleaning my home and listening to tunes, I noticed that it was getting truly warm inside.

I usually clean my home with the windows and doors open to promote fresh air throughout the house, however this afternoon was just too hot.

The region where I live is known to be truly sizzling during the summer time months. On this unique afternoon, I was cleaning the home in the afternoon with the air conditioner on. I went outside for my afternoon Pepsi and even the porch at 7:00 am was scorching hot. I know the home needed to be cleaned so I turned the temperature down on the air conditioner to a cool 81 degrees. While the home cooled down, I prepared for a afternoon of cleaning. I set a nice playlist, got the cleaning supplies out of the closet, and made some coffee! About 2 hours into my deep clean, I noticed that it was truly warm in my house. I knew I had adjusted the temperature control, however was unsure if it was set. I went to the temperature control and it was read 84 degrees! I know something was wrong, so I called my landlord, she told me that because it was a Tuesday, there was nothing she could do. I understood her reserves about paying extra money to have an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C contractor come out on a weekend, although I had guests coming into village that afternoon. I called my brother. He is an Heating, Ventilation, and A/C specialist. He agreed to do the task for a discounted rate and my landlord agreed to pay him.
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