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Every time I turn on the furnace, I feel a burning smell.Is this normal?

I was worried at first when I perceived a burning smell after using my furnace for the second time.

The first time after installation, everything was perfect and new since it had been installed right before winter.

I did not imagine going through the cold season without some form of adequate heating. However, once the cold months flew by, my furnace took a rest as the AC kicked in to help with the hot season that soon followed. However, as things usually are, the cold season was fast with us again, and it was time to use the furnace again. On lighting it, I perceived a burning smell and quickly shut it off, thinking that I may have burned it with a combustible material trapped inside. I checked, and there was nothing to worry about. I quickly called my HVAC technician since this was concerning and worrisome. It turns out that it is normal to feel this smell every time you light a furnace after a long time. The dust particle has settled inside the furnace that first burns before it continues with its heating process. It is nothing to worry about, as I later found out. My HVAC technician explained that the burning scents that should alarm me include burning electrical wires, rotten egg smell, and metallic smells. These may indicate a serious issue that needs to be addressed quickly. Other than that, a dust-burning smell that goes away in a few minutes should never worry you. It helps to understand what different smells mean to avoid panicking unnecessarily.

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