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My AC Unit Froze

If I could go back in time, I would go back to last week and leave my AC system alone.

When I was convinced that the temperature was going to remain cool every day, I turned off my AC unit and turned on my furnace.

I had been meaning to call the HVAC company to come tune my HVAC system before making the switch, but I forgot and I was running the heat with the hopes that nothing would go wrong. Thankfully, nothing did go wrong with my furnace, so I decided to bypass the HVAC tune up and wait until the spring. Just when I thought that the weather was going to remain cold, we experienced a few days where the temperature spiked above 80 degrees. It was hot and the inside of my house was hot despite opening the doors and windows. Instead of sticking it out, I turned on my AC unit and tried to cool my home. This is where things went wrong because only a few hours into running my AC unit again and I noticed a massive amount of water around my condenser unit. When I took a closer look, I noticed that my coils were frozen, but the heat from the sunshine was causing them to melt. I called the HVAC company right away because I didn’t know the proper way to handle the frozen coils. The HVAC professional told me that I’d set the thermostat too low, causing the coils to freeze instantly. I wish I would have left my AC unit alone!

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