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The Annual HVAC Plan Was Best For Me

I was behind on having my furnace serviced before the cooler weather dropped.

I had the best intentions to hire an HVAC professional before I turned off my AC unit and turned on my furnace, but time got away from me and that didn’t happen.

I was forced to turn on my furnace for the first time this season when the temperature dropped below 30 degrees in the evening. Thankfully, nothing horrible happened to my furnace and my house was able to warm up. I still felt guilty though for running my furnace before having it looked at by an HVAC professional, so I finally got on the schedule. Since I was behind, I had to wait a week and a half to be seen. The HVAC professional understood my busy schedule and he told me that he’d look at the furnace in depth to ease my nerves about neglecting it. Before he left, he told me that my furnace was in perfect shape and that it would be fine to continue running it this winter. This was the news I wanted to hear. He also told me that if I was worried about falling behind again, I could join the HVAC company’s annual maintenance plan. For a one time annual fee, I could have priority scheduling all year long, a discount on all repairs and parts, and 24/7 servicing. I loved the idea of being able to call at the last minute and schedule my HVAC appointment and I thought it would really benefit me. I signed up that afternoon!

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