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Furnace in the Middle of September

My husband and I recently moved to a small town out West.

  • Although the decision was hard for us to make because both of our families live up North, we knew it was right for our family.

We have spent a year out West so far, and I am amazed at how much I love living here. The summers are a bit hotter than we are used to, but the fall is absolutely perfect. Usually from around September to December, the temperatures are in the sixties, and it’s gorgeous. I only know this because of what our friends have told us. Our first fall here was certainly not that way. For the first two weeks of September, it rained non stop.Everything was wet and the temperatures were dipping into the lower forties during the nights. It was so cold that my husband decided to turn on the furnace. All of our new western friends said that it had never been that cold in September as long as they can remember. At first, we tried just turning on a couple small electric heaters that we had in the attic, but they didn’t warm the house enough to do the trick. Turning on the furnace in the middle of September was rare for us even while living up North. We actually ended up leaving the heat on for over a week before the temperatures warmed up. Although it wasn’t the fall that we were hoping for, I actually enjoyed having the cooler weather for a few weeks. At the same time, I do hope that next year we have a fall that is as gorgeous as what people say because it sounds so perfect.


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