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Working Without AC

Jobs aren’t as straight-forward to come by as I once thought.

I spent four years in university not to mention a couple years in high university preparing for a career as an artist.

After graduating from university, I was hired by one of the best companies in our area. I had the privilege of working there for almost five years. They decided to move states, as well as unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make the move with them, so I was jobless. I worked for another company for a total of about ten weeks before I realized it just simply wasn’t for me. It’s been seven years since then, as well as I haven’t had anymore possibilities to work as an artist. I have been working in a factory. Although factory work isn’t difficult, it isn’t the most pleasant atmosphere. One of the hardest things to deal with is the temperature of the building. It is usually in the nineties during the day. They do have air conditioner in the building, but it doesn’t work honestly well at all. For the past three years, I have been doing most of my work in the back of semi trucks. I load as well as unload packages all day long. Of course, there is no air conditioner, as well as it is so tepid that I can hardly stand it. All I long for at the end of the day is a nice air conditioned room where I can sleep. I am honestly thankful to have a job, although I hope that I can soon find another one where I’ll at least have air conditioner.

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