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Bigger Classroom Calls for More AC

Teaching has constantly had a crucial location in my life; Even as a child, I enjoyed to teach my siblings as well as others who were around me.

I majored in elementary education, as well as I am so excited that I did.

I prefer my teaching task, as well as I wouldn’t trade it for the world, then this is my tenth year of teaching, as well as all the way up to this point, I have had the same classroom each year. This year, I have a much larger class than ever before, so they had to transfer me to a larger classroom, then at first, I wasn’t truly excited about it because I enjoyed my classroom, as well as I had so multiple memories there, but after a little thought, I decided to make the best of it. For my smaller classroom, I had a little window air conditioning machine that I used. It unquestionably did a great task at keeping the room cool throughout the afternoon, as well as I was able to turn it off during the nights to save energy. When I moved into my greater classroom, I observed that the single window machine that had previously kept the room nice as well as cool was no longer laboring. I needed another machine to accommodate for the larger space. Thankfully, the college board agreed with me as well as had another window machine sent to me within the week. Now that I have two cooling systems running throughout the afternoon, my classroom stays nice as well as cool. Although a greater classroom has come with its challenges, I have grown to prefer having more space.

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