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Benefits of A/C While Exercising

Although exercise is not my forte, I know that it’s good for me, so I do it as often as I can, i started running in college, and I haven’t seemed to be able to get out of it since then.

  • It’s legitimately because some of my best friends are runners; My best friend, Abby, runs about ten miles a afternoon on top of her other workouts.

I’m not quite as eccentric as Abby is, however I do my best to run about three miles per afternoon. I’m not entirely sure how Abby ever talked me into it, however she somehow convinced me to take a trip to South America to run this super marathon thing with her. I couldn’t assume it when the word “yes” came out of my mouth in response to her asking me to make the trip with her, but before my good friend and I knew it, my good friend and I were off to South America to run a marathon! Surprisingly, the marathon itself wasn’t too bad. My good friend and I both made it through pretty easily. It was, but, at the gym the few mornings after the marathon that entirely got me. My appreciation for a/c grew hugely during those mornings, but for some reason, they were totally against running a/cs at the gym my good friend and I attended, and it was literally one of the worst experiences of my life, and working out is taxing enough on its own separate from adding a ninety-five degree room to it. By the time my good friend and I got back to the U.S. I was so excited to workout in an air conditioned room that I went straight to the gym right after I left the airport.

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