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I Broke My Air Conditioner

I just cherish being a mom.

  • I don’t assume I ever knew what true cherish was until I became a mom; Raising children is actually not an easy job, but it is worth every trouble it brings.

My adolescents aren’t perfect, but they are mine, and I cherish getting to stay at condo and spend so numerous great moments with them. However, not every moment is great and peaceful. I have a twenty year old, a fourteen year old, a ten year old, a seven year old, and a two year old. My youngest, Abby, is going through the terrible twos, and lately she hasn’t been in the best mood, which makes my life so much harder. To make matters even worse, I ordered a relatively fancy a/c for our house, and I broke it the same afternoon I opened it. When the a/c arrived, I opened it and set it on the couch. I planned on putting it in the window instantly, however I heard Abby crying, so I went to go check on her. As I walked away, the cord from the a/c caught on my shoe, and I pulled the entire component onto the floor. A giant chunk of plastic broke off the front of it. It took me a second to register what had just happened, and the baby was still crying, so I went and got her. Sadly, there was no way that I could repair the a/c, so I had to pack it back in the box and send it back to get a replacement. My good friend and I ended up having to go another week separate from AC, and I was irritated. Thankfully, I was able to get the a/c replaced for free, however I still can’t assume what happened.

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