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Bigger Classroom Calls for More AC

Teaching has constantly had a large place in my life, even as a child, I enjoyed to teach my siblings and others who were around me. I majored in elementary education, and I am so cheerful that I did. I cherish my teaching job, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world, then this is my tenth year of teaching, and all the way up to this point, I have had the same classroom each year. This year, I have a much greater class than ever before, so they had to transport me to a greater classroom, however at first, I wasn’t genuinely cheerful about it because I enjoyed my classroom, and I had so many memories there, however after a little thought, I decided to make the best of it. For my smaller classroom, I had a little window air conditioning component that I used. It honestly did a great job at keeping the room cool throughout the afternoon, and I was able to turn it off during the days to save energy. When I moved into my greater classroom, I noticed that the single window component that had previously kept the room nice and cool was no longer working. I needed another component to accommodate for the greater space. Thankfully, the college board agreed with me and had another window component sent to me within the week; Now that I have two air conditioners running throughout the afternoon, my classroom stays nice and cool. Although a greater classroom has come with its challenges, I have grown to cherish having more space.

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