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First Furnace Run of the Season

I just cherish living close to friends and family.

I grew up down south, however I constantly wanted to transport away as an adult and explore the world.

Well, I did just that. In the past twenty years, I have lived in two continents and four unusual countries. It was honestly a blast getting to see the world and the way unusual people live; but, it was quite lonely at times, and I honestly missed my family. After all those years of traveling, I decided it was time to transport back home. I cherish getting to spend so much time with people that I cherish the most. The only thing that I didn’t miss about living down South is the weather. It is genuinely unpredictable and that drives me crazy… Last week, the temperature went from the upper nineties to the fifties in one night. It stayed down in the lower fifties for almost a week, and I ended up having to turn my furnace on. As I ran the furnace that week, I heard it making some unusual noises, so I called a friend of mine to come take a look at it. After repairing it, he told me that it was a great thing I had turned on the furnace this early in the year because it would have been a lot worse had it been wintertime. The weather warmed up after that week and stayed hot for another month before the real winter weather hit us. In the end, I am actually thankful for that ridiculous weather my great friend and I had because it allowed me to have my furnace worked on and repaired before the bitter frigid winter months arrived.

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