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French provincial manor furniture sold nearby

Growing up, my grandmother had this beautiful furniture.

It had this classic elegance to it and I’ll never forget it.

The sofas had a wooden frame and a floral pattern. I haven’t seen any see like her elegant furniture in many decades. Then my friend, Kelly, went on a grand European retreat and she sent me lots of pictures. It was nice and all but what really stood out to me was the furniture in her hotel room. It looked just like the sofas that my grandmother had owned many years ago. I begged Kelly to find out what kind of sofas we’re in her hotel room. She finally got back to me and told me that the style is called French provincial manor. Apparently it’s styled after the 1800s, French upper class, manors. I started looking online to find out ways Kelly could take some of that furniture home for me. That was extremely expensive. Luckily, I did not have to import The French providential manor furniture all the way from europe. Instead, I found that I could get custom made furniture here in the states. There is even a furniture store about 10 miles from my house that builds and sells this elegant furniture. I can’t believe it! I can even pick out my own fabric pattern and have a sofa that looks almost exactly the way my grandmother’s sofa used to look. Of course, they also have the matching coffee tables, end tables, and rugs. I definitely see some custom made furniture in my future. How cool would it be to have a living room set that look just like the one my grandmother used to own?



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