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Want my own store front

My entire life I feel as though I’ve never been working towards anything in particular. I’ve never been able to choose one particular career path or life plan for myself, and instead I end up spinning my wheels in site quite often. I’ve constantly known that this was counterproductive and would eventually use up all my time on this earth without accomplishing a single thing, but I just haven’t been able to choose a direction for myself to commit to… That’s why it’s been absolutely amazing to start working from home, and to discover my most prominent passion in recent months. I’m finally forming some sort of plan for myself, establishing goals in the long and short term, and it feels amazing! The only problem is now I desperately want to secure my own storefront in order to peddle all of my work. One of my largest concerns over this investment is finding a space with a perfect, modernized Heating as well as A/C system installed already. I’ve heard several horror stories about stores with faulty heating and cooling equipment, and obviously it can bankrupt your entire venture if you do not have reliable temperature control. This makes sense, since the indoor air temperature of your store absolutely has to be comfortable in order to keep your customers thrilled. If your control unit is failing, you have no option but to keep calling out professional Heating as well as A/C services or to buy an all new heating and cooling plan. There’s no way I could manage to make such a huge temperature control investment, so I’m going to keep scouting the market for my perfect location.
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