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Thought car AC would be okay on trip

I’ve had enough car problems to last me a lifetime. I can’t even deal with the thought of having one more issue with my vehicle, and neither can my bank account. I don’t know how you can be cursed to own unreliable vehicles, but I definitely have some bad voodoo following me around since the age of 16. Now, in the past few months, I’ve replaced the thermostat, suspension, and had 3 flat tires on all different wheels. Now, this past week, the entire cooling system apparently went down the crapper! It probably comes as no surprise that the ventilation system went out on me just as I climbed into the car for a major road trip. There was nothing but hot, stale air pumping through all the air vents. It didn’t matter what temperature control settings I used on the thermostat, because that air quality was not improving. At first, I honestly thought I could get away with holding off on the cooling system repair. I didn’t have any extra cash to my name, and hoped that the AC system would just fix itself. Besides, I told myself, the road trip would be taking us far north, where the air was still chilly and wet from winter. I certainly never expected a warm air front to pass through the region, and increase the outdoor temperature well above 80 degrees every day! I was not prepared for these summer air temperatures, with my car or my wardrobe! Now I’m stuck, just sweating my way down the highway each afternoon. As you can imagine, it has been a particularly hot and miserable road trip.