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Remembered it was a rental home

Have you ever been staying somewhere else for so long that you start to forget it isn’t your real home? I’ve been on the road for so long that sometimes this is exactly what happens to me. I notice that I start getting a little lazy about my cleanliness, or stop closing the door when I go to the bathroom. Suddenly, I realize how rude I’m being, and reign in my bad behavior for my own home. Well, this wasn’t exactly the outcome this past weekend when we stayed at a rental house… instead we took full advantage of our temporary living situation. It was the middle of the day, and the temperature outside was about 75 degrees. Inside, the house was feeling wonderful. There was sun and fresh air streaming in from all the open windows, and creating a really lovely breeze that flowed through the whole home. We were all feeling quite comfortable and commenting on the delightful temperature indoors and out, when someone suddenly stood too close to an air vent. “Wait… is the heat on?” they asked, with great trepidation. The whole room froze. We all looked around at the many open windows and then at the air vents that surrounded the living room. For a moment, everyone began to shift towards the thermostat, as their adult responsibilities overcame their lust for the wonderful fresh air. “Wait!” I said, “It’s a rental! We aren’t paying for the electricity!” Everyone chuckled and breathed a sigh of relief – repeating the phrase “we aren’t paying for the electricity” quietly to themselves with satisfaction as they sat back down.


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