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Friend didn’t have cooling system prepared for warm weather

I am currently writing to you in a dank, dark little bedroom, where the air is hot and sticky, and I struggle to stay awake.

It isn’t the best writing environment, and there are many reasons to be distracted, including my personal discomfort.

I’m trying my best to keep focused, but the sound of the fan humming behind me coupled with the intense breeze that it is creating is really pulling my attention elsewhere. Every time a paper flies off the edge of the table on a stiff breeze, my focus is shifting. Every drop of sweat that plunges onto my keyboard immediately curtails my ability to work through another sentence. I wish I had the power to improve my surroundings, but I have to make the most of what I’ve got this time. You see, I’m staying at my best friend’s apartment right now, and his home ventilation system is not entertaining my visit. Upon arriving into town, I was surprised to find out it was over 80 degrees outside. I was also surprised to find out that my friend’s AC unit had stopped working that very day. Apparently, he wasn’t expecting to need his cooling system any time soon, considering how it had just been snowing outside earlier in the week. Mother nature played a good trick on him, though, and suddenly warm, humid air flowed through the region. When he went to operate his little window AC system, the unit immediately made an awful wailing noise and then cut out. Without having his cooling system serviced before the first use of the year, apparently he deeply upset the AC gods. Now we have been living without any source of cool air for several days, and wouldn’t you know it, the weather is expected to remain sunny and warm.


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