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Forgot to turn down heat at home

Whenever my associate and I leave city for a while, it is a stressful event.

I’m typically on top of my jobs, to be clear.

I have everything packed & ready to go the night before my associate and I depart. The day of our trip, I get the animals packed & loaded in the car, & then start to help my wifey get his packing under control. This is the problem area! He is always waking up late, having no idea what he’s bringing, or even doing laundry on the afternoons of our trips. As you can imagine, he definitely complicates things & tends to put me into anxiety overdrive. That’s why it’s no real surprise to me that my associate and I tend to forget to turn off the thermostat before my associate and I leave. I can tell you, the indoor air temperature is the last thing on my mind at that point in time. The only afternoons that I even realize the indoor heating & cooling system is running are the ones when I’m dripping with sweat after my 6th trip out to the van. Of course my associate and I often fail to turn off the heater & A/C component for a week or two at a time, considering we’re typically running 2 hours late. It’s no surprise to me at all that our electric bills are through the roof even when we’re on the road, since my associate and I literally run out the door every time. I know what to expect, & I don’t child myself. That’s why I don’t get mad anymore, & instead I started looking for solutions. This year for his big 3-0 birthday, I’m buying my wifey an alarm clock & a smart thermostat.


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