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Smart control device tracks phones

Sporadically I get a bit creeped out by technology.

Obviously almost everyone is anxious about their webcams getting hacked by creepos who want to take a peep at you… Clearly almost everyone is getting concerned about the amount of information Facebook is ready to share with global marketers! It’s well known that our texts & messages are likely being monitored by some watchcat group, however, the thing that is really freaking me out the most lately is our new smart control unit. At our last household my buddy and I were spoiled by the presence of an existing smart control device system… Within a year my buddy and I became completely accustomed to using our phones to control the indoor air temperature at all times. It didn’t matter if my buddy and I were 1000 miles away or just down the hallway from the air temperature control device, my buddy and I usually whipped out our phones & logged into the smart control device app either way; My pal and I enjoyed the high tech air quality control system so much that my buddy and I made the decision to go through withdrawal when my buddy and I moved to a new house. My spouse went on the lookout for a discounted Heating & A/C control device, & soon came home with a new Nest control unit. I was excited…at first, soon I started to feel like this smart control device was a little too smart, and namely, I became alarmed that the control device knew when I was home & tracked my annually schedule through my cell phone, however there are benefits to this control device tracking for energy savings, I’m sure, although I can’t shake the feeling that my smart temperature control component is up to something. I’ve been turning my phone off lately, just so I feel like I’m off the control device grid… however then I can’t use the temperature control app that my buddy and I purchased the air temperature control component for in the first place.



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