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Naked days

Lately my girlfriend & I have developed a new strategy for getting through the dull winter, keeping a peaceful environment at home, & having more fun & excitement with minimal cost.

  • As one part of a young, broke couple, I can’t command this relationship tactic more highly to my peers.

If you’re sleepy of sitting at home in the chilly winter time darkness & too poor to find entertainment through spending your money on dinner & drinks, here’s what you do, then you get naked. Since afternoonlight savings kicked into gear, my buddy and I have been scheduling naked days several times a week to pass the chilly & deimportant season. My pal and I do all of our normal activities, just, separate from clothing. Suddenly everything is funny & lighthearted. Suddenly you are not going to fight when you have the choice to cuddle. Suddenly the energy bill shoots through the roof.. That’s the trade off. There must be a heat compromise when you shed all your layers. Your body isn’t retaining as much natural heat as before separate from all of those layers of heavy jackets & long underwear, so you must alter the environment. That’s where our central furnace comes into play. My pal and I crank the hell out of that control device before naked days begin. One of us takes a trip to the mounted temperature control system & boosts the indoor air temperature at least 15% to soften the disrobing. It easily helps to hear the furnace chugging away in the background as you pull off all that sizzling winter time armour, however it’s a less joyful & loosey-goosey afternoon when the power bill arrives at the end of the month.

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