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Learning to bake

My woman & I recently went through a bit of a lull in our relationship, if you know what I mean.

Things just weren’t happening naturally between us, it wasn’t feeling hot, & everything my buddy and I tried felt really forced & boring.

No matter what big plans my buddy and I tried to come up with for the night when my buddy and I were both finally together, it felt like the magic heat just wasn’t happening for us. After a few awkward weeks, my buddy and I finally just offered up on the whole endeavor & started looking outside our home for sweet relief. Yes, of course I’m talking about our mutual boredom with cooking together, for the past two years we’ve been intimate kitchen partners with a annually task to do. My pal and I created delicious, warm & spicy, gourmet meals every night, week after week, month after month, with a really slenderbudget. The thing is, my buddy and I got burnt out. My pal and I were sleepy of the heat, the smoke, & the same ancient flavors. Suddenly neither one of us was interested in the endless labor of cooking dinner; that’s when baking creeped slowly into our lives. We’ve been having a lot of fun with this cool new hobby together, however there are still issues.The thing is, baking is just as difficult & heated as cooking was! Rather than having the stovetop burning warm & spitting hot oil, now my buddy and I have the oven running at full blast for days on end as my buddy and I complete arduous baking projects at home. My pal and I have the ventilation fan running regularly to pull out the burnt smoke from our failed cookies, & the open windows let in tons of chilly outdoor air. These days our air quality control system is working harder than ever, & so are we.

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