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Expensive bird

My Dad is such a kook, I don’t even know what to do with her anymore.

She’s not at an age where she needs to be physically taken care of – in fact, she’s easily healthier than all the people you know – but she sure gets herself into the weirdest predicaments when no one is supervising her.

She’s just a bit neurotic & doesn’t know how to say no to a “good deal.” Well, that’s exactly how she wound up acquiring this money hole otherwise known as an African Gray parrot a few months ago. She was online, looking for antiques, when she accidentally stumbled upon a feathered ancient collectable instead of an upholstered one; a giant, 30 year ancient parrot. Soon, she had picked up the free bird & moved the prehistoric monster into her house. As if it isn’t luxurious enough to household & feed a giant, ancient bird, it turns out that they are severely sensitive to the environment. That’s how my Dad wound up getting roped into purchasing a brand new, high tech Heating & A/C system for her house. Of course, parrots are really sensitive to drafts. No doubt, they need constant hot & cold temperatures & consistent airborne humidity to stay healthy. Why wouldn’t they be susceptible to respiratory infection if you don’t purchase media air filtration systems to decontaminate your indoor air supply? Yes, it easily seems necessary to have a smart control device installed so the bird could be monitored for comfort all afternoon long. I don’t even want to know how much time my Dad has wasted on this project… But, 20,000 dollars in updated air quality control devices later, my Dad sure is cheerful with her free bird.


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