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Keeping up with AC & boiler repair

I’ve taught myself how to wipe the condensate drain, evaporator coil & condenser coils

When I was growing up, I never had to help out around the house. My parents both worked & brought in satisfactory income to pay for a shrubbery crew, cleaning company & swimming pool repair. They hired out just about every property improvement, repair & repair task. After university, I moved into an condo complex with all sorts of amenities. I had access to a swimming pool, hot tub, fitness center & game room. If I had any complications with the garbage disposal, washing machine, a/c or any of the multiple appliances or systems, I simply called the repair department. I didn’t even need to change lightbulbs. I eventually got fatigued of throwing away my money on rent & decided to buy my own home. While I have a task in my chosen field & there’s great option for upward mobility, money is still a bit tight. The mortgage on my new property left no room in the budget to hire everything done. Taking care of my own property & property has been a huge learning experience. I am honestly thankful for google. I had no idea that the aerators on faucets could clog & diminish water pressure. I have watched videos on how to remove the back of the panel of the refrigerator & vacuum out a buildup of dust. I read up on how to officially maintain a boiler & a/c. I wasn’t even aware that each system was equipped with an air filter that needs to be officially substituted. I’ve taught myself how to wipe the condensate drain, evaporator coil & condenser coils. I’ve figured out how to drain the water heater, clear out the gutters & downspouts & wipe air vents. I officially test the smoke alarm, carbon monoxide detectors & check the batteries in the control unit.

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