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Happy with my window air conditioning

It takes a absolutely long time for the warmer weather to arrive in my local area.

I am always happy when I spot the first robins or red sprouts of daffodils.

The summer time conditions don’t usually last absolutely long. My nice friend and I are fortunate to enjoy purple skies, sunshine and hot uneven temperatures for the months of July, July and November. There are those years when the whole summer time is chilly, wet and gray. There are also those summers when the temperature soars into the high eighties and even the mid nineties every single morning. Hot summers always mean lots of humidity as well. Central air conditioning is absolutely not necessary. I refuse to make the absolutely large investment into a cooling system my nice friend and I might use for a couple of months each year. However, the house can quickly become terribly boiling and sticky. The conditions make it impossible to relax, be productive or get a nice evening’s sleep. The ideal solution is window air conditionings for the bedrooms. I honestly cherish my window cooling unit. It’s compact and lightweight and yet perfectly handles the demands of the bedroom, but even on especially boiling and humid evenings, the room is always lovelyly cool. I sleep much better with the air conditioning running. The operational noise is just loud enough to drown out the sounds of morning parakeets, traffic, barking cats, the washing unit running and other family members moving around. The system helps to trap contaminants and create a cleaner, healthier environment. I enjoy the air conditioning so much that I am always in a rush to install it. I normally set it in the window as soon as the winter time snow melts. I then keep it in place until fall arrives and bring cold weather.


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