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He replaced the HVAC with a too small unit

When I bought my house the seller boasted about the new HVAC unit there.

  • I was excited by this.

Nobody wants to buy something boring like a heating and cooling system. The unit was brand new, clean and installed perfectly. It wasn’t a major selling point but I did take it into consideration when buying. Once I bought the house and lived in it, I realized the guy swindled me. The HVAC unit could hardly keep my house heated in the winter. I ended up plugging a space heater in my bedroom and in the kitchen to stop the pipes from freezing. I called the local HVAC dealership to figure out the issue. The guy told me the previous owner totally swindled me. His old HVAC unit broke and he replaced it with a too small unit. The smaller the HVAC device, the cheaper it is. The guy cheaped out on a new unit and used it to sell the house. The HVAC installed was worthless! It was too small to provide proper heating. Since I would need to heat all day, everyday, it would have a decreased lifespan and more of a need for heater repairs. I ended up needing to buy a new HVAC device after all. Thankfully I was able to get some money back for the brand new, tiny system. I sold it to my HVAC company and they knocked some money off my other unit. Now I am in good shape. I am still angry at that seller though. Who would deliberately screw someone over like that?

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