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It wasn’t easy getting to electrical wires behind the drywall

I wanted to relocate my TV to the other side of the room.

  • However, there wasn’t an electrical outlet on that side of the room.

I left a message for my dad to see if he could help with that. My dad is a licensed electrical contractor. He works for a company in the area, and helps me out when I have problems in the house. I bought an older cottage with more issues than I expected. Many times the gas furnace does not work and while we were in the summertime I had complications with the central AC. When I wanted to move the tv around, my dad said it would not be a big deal at all. He could run some wiring from another outlet and set it quite easily. The biggest problem was getting to the electrical machine behind the drywall. My dad removed one big piece of drywall. The electrical wiring was further down the wall than he expected, so dad had to remove another area of the wall. Most of the wall was removed before my dad completed the electrical project. He took all afternoon when he said it was going to take 2 hours tops. I thought the cottage was going to be messy for days. But it wasn’t that tough to put the drywall back up dad and I added some spackle and paint and it was tough to tell the wall had ever been removed. Now I can transfer the cable to either side of the room and that means more options for seating in that room.



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