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Always make sure to get the HVAC maintenance done

You should always make sure to get the HVAC maintenance work done on your HVAC system or you may end up like me and voiding your warranty accidentally! I still can’t believe that I made such a dumb move when I did this recently.

We had purchased a brand new heating and cooling system for our house from a local HVAC company and it was one of the best ones out there on the market at that point.

This all happened about two years ago when we had first moved into our current house. We did all of this research and the HVAC system that we ended up buying was supposed to be fantastic. Not only that, but it had a really great factory warranty to back it up. Well, one of the reasons that we went with this particular HVAC system in the first place was because of the amazing warranty that came with it. I just didn’t pay enough attention when we were signing all of the paperwork and reading up about the warranty, though. It turns out that if you do not have the system maintained regularly by an approved heating and cooling company and have all of the paperwork signed to record the maintenance work, then you end up voiding your warranty! That is exactly what happened to us and I am still mad about the whole thing. Of course, I don’t have anyone to blame for it but myself. Now we have an HVAC system without a warranty and it’s nobody’s fault but my own.


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