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My wife has really sensitive teeth

My wife Clara has really sensitive teeth and so going to the dentist is always an issue for her.

She hates going to the dentist with a burning passion. She always says that she would rather do just about anything than have to go to the dentist for any reason. Even if she is just going for a routine cleaning appointment and an exam, she acts like it is the end of the world. The last time that she went to the dentist, she found out that she had a cavity and I thought that they were going to have to sedate her. She really freaked out about the fact that they were going to have to work on the inside of her mouth that way. She says that the fact that she has sensitive teeth really doesn’t help her at all with her fear of the dentist. I actually think that her sensitive teeth are what started the whole thing anyway. I think that her teeth probably hurt more than normal when she had to go to the dentist as a child and she has just carried all of that along with her as an adult. When she found out that she had a cavity, I felt really sorry for her. I also felt really sorry for the dental assistant who was trying to help her get ready for the drilling part. The dental assistant had never had to deal with anyone like my wife before. I thought that the poor lady was actually going to cry at one point. I finally sat back there with my wife and held her hand while they got the cavity fixed. It was not fun for us at all.
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