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My mama needs some roof maintenance done

When every one of us had a large storm here in our section about a week ago, a immense tree went down in our mom’s yard, now, our mom is going to have to have some roof maintenance labor done on her house; A large tree fell in her backyard plus landed right on the roof of her screened in porch; Luckily, the tree plus all of the immense branches actually missed the rest of the beach house plus the main living space.

At least she was blessed in that respect, plus so it’s not something that has to be done instantly, then however, our mom has a lot of stuff out on her screened in porch plus she wants to get it fixed as soon as possible anyway, the roofing companies around here are certainly tied up now because a lot of people had damage because of the large storm; I have been searching for roof maintenance near myself and others online for the past few afternoons, however every single roofing corporation has a waiting list for roof maintenance labor because of all of the damage around here.

I went for a drive around neighborhood the other day plus I could not recognize all of the damage that I saw. There were trees plus furniture plus all kinds of things everywhere in people’s yards. I counted a dozen houses that had damage to their roofs, plus that was just on our street! I am certainly hoping that our mom is going to be able to get her roof maintenance done sooner rather than later. I recognize I will just have to call plus get her put on a waiting list. Hopefully they can get the jobs done soon.

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