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Helping dad get new HVAC equipment for his diner

Last December my dad upgraded his HVAC unit last December with the new HVAC technology.

The previous HVAC system was in its 11th year and had been helpful and efficient.

Dad was big on scheduling HVAC maintenance on the system to preserve its optimal function. When the HVAC professional fitted the system 11 years ago, he recommended bi-annual tune-ups, and dad has indeed kept up with the schedule. He worked with the same HVAC repairman for that period. The technician had since moved to another city. We visited the HVAC business center for advice from an HVAC provider on the best system for dad’s three-story home. The professional was beneficial and recommended a heat pump from one of the best HVAC brands in the country. The company offered us financial assistance and a practical loan program to help dad acquire the new HVAC equipment. The deal allowed him also to upgrade the thermostat to a programmable one. It would intelligently study his preferred temperature and set the quality HVAC system to match his desire and help with indoor comfort. Dad was thrilled with his decision; now, his diner would be the go-to place when the weather got colder. His diner already had to return customers, but the old unit was using up a lot of energy and raising the bills, thus cutting the business’s budget short. The HVAC installation occurred three days after we purchased the unit. The technicians were swift and efficient with the service, and the diner had an optimal functioning system within three hours. Dad called me a few weeks after the holidays and said the comfort from the new system had brought in many customers.

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