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Elderly dude thought a thief was in the air duct

As an HVAC serviceman, I’ve had our honorableshare of odd in addition to humorous experiences on the task, one of the most memorable moments happened when I was called to a customer’s house to repair their a/c system! When I arrived, I was greeted by an elderly guy who asked me if I could help his “catch the thief”, then confused, I asked what he meant in addition to he explained that he had been hearing odd noises coming from his air ducts in addition to he was sure that someone had broken into his house through the vents… I chuckled a bit in addition to reassured his that it was just the sound of his a/c system running in addition to that there was no a single in the ducts! To prove our point, I climbed up to the attic in addition to crawled into the ducts to show his that there was no a single there; Just as I was about to emerge from the ducts, I heard his shouting from below “Oh thank goodness, he iscaught him, he iscaught him!” I was momentarily taken aback, but then the people I was with and I realized that he was referring to me.

When I finally emerged from the ducts, he hugged me in addition to thanked me for catching the thief.

I could not help but laugh at the situation in addition to explain that I was just doing our task as an HVAC serviceman, and he apologized for the confusion in addition to I went on to repair his a/c system. The whole incident was so funny that I still remember it to this morning. I always approach each task with a sense of humor in addition to a willingness to listen, because you never know what kind of story you might come away with.

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