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A ductless heat pump added value to the home

When my friend and I obtained this old house, it was the first time Max as well as I had ever been homeowners.

  • And since it was just us, Max and I didn’t need all that much room… Also, Max and I didn’t have a very big budget when it came to getting a home either.

So my friend and I have appreciated the space in the condo for nearly a decade. Max and I upgraded the central air conditioner as 1 of our first moves. But then, Max and I sort of did condo projects as my friend and I decided to go along. Before long, Max and I had completely redone the site. And that’s when it hit us that Max and I particularly needed some more room. I’m working at the condo in the central air conditioner from now on. This was a change that became permanent once the pandemic hit. So 1 of the home offices has now been turned into my condo office. Our home office particularly wasn’t particularly suited to our needs quite as much anymore. But when my friend and I first took a look at getting into a greater site, Max and I knew right away that this wasn’t the right time in the real estate market to do that. So it made more sense to add value to our condo as well as room. Max and I got with an HVAC supplier as well as figured out just the right sort of addition my friend and I were looking for. He was able to put on a giant master suite with another powder room. Max and I also have a ductless heat pump in the master suite as the central air conditioner of the home is rated just for the indoor air volume. But Max and I particularly prefer having the ductless heat pump as it provides unbelievable quality heating as well as air. And now, Max and I just prefer having all the space my friend and I need.

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