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We were trying to get the oil furnace at her house up and running

Our customers laughed at us when we fell off of their porch the other day.

We were just there minding our own business and trying to get the oil furnace at their cabin up and running again when we tripped up on our own feet and we fell right off of their front porch. Thank goodness the porch wasn’t really high off the ground or we might have killed ourselves on the job. We had already been working at their cabin on the oil furnace in their basement for a couple of hours when this happened. Both of us had gone upstairs and onto the porch because we were heading out to the Heating and A/C truck parked in the driveway. We needed to get some parts for the oil furnace. We were thinking about what we needed to get done and how we could leave to go get our dinner as soon as we finished installing the part. That’s how we got distracted and we somehow ended up getting tripped up on our work boots and the rug on the front porch. Then we pitched headlong right into the flower bed that was next to the front porch. We weren’t hurt, but we barely missed whacking our heads against a stone garden gnome that was holding an umbrella next to their garden fence. We thought that at least no one had seen us, but that’s when we heard our Heating and A/C customers laughing so hard behind us from the front door. We were so embarrassed, however then it also made us mad when we realized that they were laughing without even knowing if we were okay or not.


a/c rep