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An end spot for my heater

I so felt for our youngest son… That kid has dealt with more challenges in his short time on this planet then seem fair, and yet, he is just so resilient & able to keep pressing on.

The latest challenge came just numerous years of graduating from the radiant heating of the dorm room to his own apartment.

He was able to get a good job right after he finished school! Our kid was so happy to finally be doing what he had his heart set on doing, i was impressed that he went with a small, cheaper home to save money for a house. The home was okay however the heating & cooling wasn’t the best, but plus, it was cramped & the nextdoor neighbors were loud as well, then but he was glad to be on his own & starting his adult life. That all got shot down due to the pandemic. After his company sent all the people lake house from inside the zone controlled Heating & Air Conditioning of the office to toil from home, the layoffs began. I was hoping that he’d survive however I also knew that was entirely unlikely… Sure enough, he got pink slipped & it was over. He held on a few more months. But when his lease was up, he had to bite the bullet & come home. His mom & I were glad to be able to offer him a fantastic landing spot with good quality heating & air. Shortly after he went off to school, all of us sold the large family lake house for a smaller, more sustainable venue. But it has a small, finished basement. Both of us had the Heating & Air Conditioning company install a ductless heat pump in there & made that our kid’s current apartment.

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