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Dad tells myself and others I need to do some air cleaning

My house is a rotten mess, my dad does not care about coming over at all but my Dad will come over at times, and she’ll bring myself and others meatloaf or several popcorn just to see me… We catch up a bit in woman as she is not quite a phone person; In a way I wish she was but I care about seeing her in addition to if it makes her morning then I am all for it. I suppose my Dad comes over because she loves to do whatever she can to help me. If she sees dishes or laundry that needs to be folded she would jump right on it. Maybe because I am her only child she goes above in addition to beyond for me. She knows I am constantly beach house as well because I work from beach house so she can basically stop by any time in addition to see me. Sometimes it’s a nuisance but I can make a little time for supper or whatever. My dad will not come over for the exact reasons my Dad does when she comes over, she hates filth in addition to she considers myself and others to be a dirty woman that takes advantage of my mom. I never ask her to do anything but she does it anyways. I am not stopping anyone. She says my house smells in addition to I need to do some air purification. She says I should call the Heating in addition to A/C business to send out an Heating in addition to A/C serviceman to see what can be done. I am only assuming the air filters need to be cleaned in addition to I am really hoping nothing died in the vents. I understand that she does not care about to stop over so I never get aggravated but the people I was with and I meet up sometimes for supper without mom, then that’s how the people I was with and I communicate besides the telephone.

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