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Brother opens up his own business

My neighbor John has been helping people around the local area with their heating and cooling units for a few years now.

He acquired all his knowledge from his father who worked for the Heating and Air Conditioning corporation most of his life.

He basically taught John everything he knows. It’s awesome to learn a life skill that was passed down to you from your father and use it to be a successful person in your own life. I wish my dad did that for myself and others but he passed away when I was much younger. John did some universitying as well so he had the proper licensing so he could not get into any trouble with the law! Recently he opened his own lake home comfort corporation named “I’m here for all your Heating and Air Conditioning needs.” I keep telling him that is a estimate and should put another name on the building but he says it stays and it helps bring clients in. The Heating and Air Conditioning corporation for him has started a little slower than he anticipated but he has made enough to keep the corporation afloat. He used to come over and help myself and others out without a dime however now since he opened his own corporation he does offer some discounts however still he needs to make money so he can be successful. I do not blame him 1 bit so I willask him for some advice at times however if I cannot do it then I willschedule an appointment with him. He does have his own Heating and Air Conditioning contractor cellphone number although I constantly reach out to him directly. John is a good guy so he shall constantly have my business.
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