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I’m not a certified at Air Conditioning repair even though I manage

I didn’t choose to be a professional handyman, I sort of fell into it.

I grew up in a poor family, and our parents taught myself and others how to get the most out of everything we had.

My friends and I never threw out any food or donated used clothes. My mom would repurpose the leftovers into a new meal, and sew all of the ripped clothes to make them prefer new again. In other words, I knew the value of a dollar. This is how I taught myself to service any of the things around the beachside house that would break. I could not afford to call a handyman, a roofer, a painter, or a certified Heating as well as Air Conditioning tech. If I couldn’t service something myself then it never got fixed. I will admit that Heating as well as Air Conditioning service is not our strong suit, even though I still have a few tricks up my sleeve for gas furnaces and air conditioners; Since I couldn’t afford to spend money a pro to do the task, any air conditioning or natural gas furnace service labor that needed done had to be done by me. After a while word got around to our friends and colleagues, who asked myself and others to look at their Heating as well as Air Conditioning systems when they had a problem. I was happy to help our friends for free, because I absolutely was not a certified expert in heating or cooling, but they regularly insisted on paying me. After a few weeks it slowly changed into being our full time task. To be fair, not much of our labor involves heating and cooling systems, but it does come up from time to time. My strength was always in carpentry.


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