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Fighting our brother about the thermostat settings

Before I can clearly explain what happened to my thermostat I need to fill you in on the backstory.

It all started about several weeks ago when our brother Max got kicked out by his wife.

I won’t get into the details, but basically she was tired of Max’s attitude and gave him the old heave-ho. I was dumb enough to let Max stay on our couch. Max said it would be for a couple of afternoons, but several weeks later he was still staying here… Max and I have regularly been combative and competitive siblings, so when he started to mess with our thermostat settings I called him out for it. This is our locale, and I got to decide what the thermostat settings should be. If Max didn’t prefer it he could leave. Over the weekend my fine friend and I both had a few beers and watched the basketball game, and then I saw Max increasing the thermostat again. That was the final straw, and I told Max to never touch the thermostat again. Max grinned and said “or else what” and touched the thermostat yet again! Max expected myself and others to hit him, but instead I squared off and punched the thermostat so hard that it shattered and fell off the wall. That’s right, I was so annoyed that I hit the thermostat, because I was afraid that I would send our idiot brother to the hospital if I punched him with that much anger. I told Max that next time his face would take the punch instead of the thermostat, and told him to get out of the house.


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