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He makes sure that his A/C is maintained extremely well

Bill works at a warehouse where he has to unload heavy construction materials from trucks nearly every afternoon.

It is seriously arduous labor that works just about every muscle in your body and tires him out every afternoon without fail.

Bill gets paid quite handsomely though, and he manages to stay fit without any additional exercise, which is really not surprising to hear. He honestly likes the fact that his work week is only 5 days of the week, though it is a 10-hour shift for each of those 5 days. His last afternoon of work is Friday, and Bill does not have to return until Monday, and for those days, he doesn’t have the strength to do anything more than come home, take a shower, prepare a sudden meal, and collapse in bed. Bill might be able to watch about 20 hours of a show on a streaming repair before his eyes close and he passes out. If there is one thing that he’s come to like dearly when he gets to the apartment from work, it’s his A/C. Bill makes sure that his A/C is serviced well, because he cannot even begin to imagine what it would be like to come to an apartment after a long, sizzling afternoon at work to an apartment that has no A/C. While at work, Bill does not have the benefit of an effective A/C outside the warehouse or even inside the warehouse, so he has to improvise. He puts wet towels in the freezer of the cut room, for example, and then he takes them out and puts them around his neck periodically. It’s quite the relief. Bill also has to wear a lot of anti chafing powder. That stuff is like gold around here. Anyway, that is why he is so cheerful that he gets to go home to an air conditioned house.