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I did an HVAC documentary when I was in film school

When I was in college, I did an HVAC documentary when I was in a film class.

I loved being in the film class. I thought the whole thing was really fun and interesting. I liked learning about the history of film and I also loved learning all about how to make films of my own. One of the films that I ended up having to make was a documentary. They tried to make sure that we were going to interview local people that we knew and so I ended up talking to someone who started their own local heating and cooling company. The man that I talked to told me all about the way that he started the HVAC company when he got out of the military. He hired some friends and family and they worked hard to get their HVAC certifications and training done. Once they all knew what they were doing, they opened for business and they’ve been at it ever since. I learned a lot from him about HVAC systems during our interviews. I also learned how great it was to be part of something like a homegrown local business. I think that the owner of the HVAC company was a great person to interview for my documentary. I know that the story was a really good one too, because my film professor loved it and so did the rest of my class. I still have the film around here somewhere, but I don’t really need it. I still remember just about everything that the HVAC company owner told me.


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