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The gas furnace saves the day

Prior to making such a significant change, I probably should have given it a little more thought.

But love has a way of obliterating things from my sight that, looking back, perhaps I should have given more consideration to. I don’t regret leaving my southern home’s air conditioning, though, for all this heat up north, though. It’s worthwhile to take some chances once you find the person who makes you feel whole. Last summer, I received word that my three-year girlfriend had been transferred late in the summer. I can recall at first, even though the air conditioner was running, getting a little sweaty out of panic. But when she put on her bravest face and asked me to join her, I was so relieved. I only wanted to hear this because I believe that this person is the one I will be with forever. So it was entirely feasible to relocate to the north. I work in my home’s central air conditioning, which is a major factor. I can work from anywhere as long as I have good heating and air conditioning, wi-fi, and my computer. Nevertheless, if I hadn’t had this brand-new gas furnace, I would not have survived this protracted winter. It was a blessing that it came with the house we are renting. You have to feel the cold here to believe it. The heat pump just couldn’t handle it because it’s so unlike anything I remember from the south. I’m still clinging to the gas furnace as a sort of security blanket even though March is now rapidly approaching.

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