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All I need is a heat pump

Compared to last winter, this winter has been relatively mild.

Not that we haven’t experienced our fair share of cold temperatures, though.

Snow and ice have also been present, though perhaps not as much as in recent years. Nevertheless, we require heating from roughly mid-November to mid-March. But the heat pump offers everything we require in that regard. I’m just so happy to live somewhere where all I need is a heat pump to have excellent heating and air conditioning throughout the year. And I like that where we live, we get four seasons. The winter and the summer do appear to be the most prevalent seasons, but the fall and the spring are also quite wonderful. In those two situations, the heat pump is not at all necessary. But as March draws closer, it’s time for me to shift my focus a little bit to the residential HVAC. This week, I’ll give the HVAC company a call. I usually like to have the heat pump’s air conditioner tuned up at this time of year. Since additional heating may be required, some may argue that March is a little early. However, I simply do not want to be in a bind when the air conditioning is required to arrive. And in this area, things operate somewhat in that manner. This beautiful Spring comes along, and then, bam! It is time for air conditioning as the heat and humidity increase. I don’t want to change the thermostat only to discover that the heat pump’s air conditioner isn’t working. This doesn’t sound appealing to me at all!

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