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Making my own HVAC company call

I had been aiming for this promotion for a very long time.

I was prepared to take on the duties of managing a regional office after working for the company for a dozen years. I had previously used the commercial HVAC system in this office because I had traveled extensively for the company. I believe I was up here for some sort of training. I only recall that it was chilly. I had never felt anything like it when it was cold. The heat pump could handle a small amount of heating in the winter where I grew up. The thermostat would simply be switched from cooling to heating, and that would be it. Any subsequent heating demand would be quickly satisfied by the heat pump. I was ecstatic to leave and return to the south because that wasn’t how things were when I first visited this regional office. Furthermore, I believe my stay here was under three weeks. I’ve been here for at least three or four years at this point. That’s the amount of time I anticipate needing to restore order to this establishment. At the end of last summer, I moved here. I’m renting a house, and the residential HVAC system is seriously out of date. And more often than not, the gas furnace has required maintenance. The gas furnace, however, is never truly fixed despite the rental company repeatedly sending out a handyman. Well, a few weeks ago, I had had enough and made my own HVAC call. A licensed HVAC specialist they dispatched resolved the issue. He did, however, warn me that the gas furnace is well past its sell-by date. I’ll probably start looking for a house now that I’ve worked in this office for six months.

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